Variable Data Division


The Variable Data Division allows us to perform Multi-Channel Communication projects to develop Relationship Marketing and optimized modernization of Operations.

We count on the cutting edge technology in the world for Color Intelligent Printing, E-mailing, SMS, PDF/Web-service and Special Projects.


  1. Smart Documents (Intelligent Commercial Docuemnts)
  2. Color Intelligent Printing (Massive and On-Demand Processes)
  3. Data Mining
  4. Direct Marketing
  5. Multi-channel Communication (Impression + E-Mailing + SMS + PDF)
  6. Account Statements
  7. Printouts
  8. Personalized Letters
  9. Marketing One on One
  10. Books On-Demand
  11. Development of Special Projects


  • Invoicing processes
  • Massive Printing Processes
  • On-Demand Printing Processes
  • Massive Communication Processes
  • Automatic Envelope Stuffing (Segmented and Personalized)
  • Automatic Bagging (Segmented and Personalized)
  • Operations (Welcome Pack, On-Demand Printing, Specially Mechanized, other.)
  • Integration with Mail (Pre-Classification, Zip Code, Tracking Codes, Operations
  • Development of Special Projects